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Q100286: How to manage your login-based licenses


This article covers how to manage your subscription licenses and see your entitlements. This is useful if you need to check which machines are currently using your licenses or if you wish to use your license at home, but forgot to log out at work.


You can manage your subscriptions and entitlements for login-based licenses by going to the My Account - Products page of the Foundry website and clicking on "View your entitlement" under the Modo Subscription section.

Once on the 'View My Entitlements' page you will see a list of your active subscriptions, entitlements and activated devices. You can see if a license is in use by looking at the 'Activated Devices' section of the subscription or entitlement. If the 'Activated Devices' states '2/2' then the license is currently active on two machines. 

You can see which devices are using the license by clicking on the product name "Modo", on the next page click on the string of ​​hexadecimal characters under the "License currently activate by" section.  
You can then deactivate the license or machine if you need to.  More information about deactivating a license from a machine is available in Q100284: How to deactivate a Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance License
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