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Q100285: Troubleshooting Login-based Licensing


This article explains the steps to go through if you encounter any problems with your login-based licensing for Modo Maintenance, Modo Subscription or Mari Individual Subscription.



If you are running into problems with your Modo Maintenance, Modo Subscription or Mari Individual Subscription license then please try the following.

1. Check your license usage
If you are unable to activate your login-based license then the first thing to do is check your account on our website and see if the license is in use.  Please see Q100286: How to manage your Login-based licenses for more info.

2. Check the network settings on your machine
Although you do not need to be connected to the internet to use your Login-based license (after activating it), you will need to have an active network device.  The SystemID that the 30 day license is tied to is the primary MAC address of the machine, if the network card or wifi card is disabled then the SystemID may change and the license may not be valid.  Reactivating the network or wifi card will make the license valid again.

3. Deactivate any existing sessions
If you've left the program activated on a machine that you do not currently have access to then you can deactivate it through our website.  Instructions on how to do this are in the "Deactivating through the website" section of Q100284: How to deactivate a Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance License.  You will then be able to activate your login on another machine.  Instructions on how to do this are in Q100283: How to activate a Login-based or Subscription License

NOTE: If you're having difficulty viewing the entitlement page then log out of the website using this link: and then log back in again.

4. Clear out locally installed licenses
Once you've activated a Modo entitlement on a machine it'll keep a record of the login session.  In some cases this can mean that the machine keeps trying to use a login-based trial entitlement rather than the full one that has been paid for. 

If you're encountering problems with login-based licensing giving you expired or old entitlements then please try the following:

  1. Deactivate any existing sessions online (see step 3 above)
  2. Delete the "FoundryLicensing" directory in your home area
  3. Launch the program and login again

The program will then activate using a fresh entitlement session and should now work.


5. Raise a Support Ticket
If you run into any further problems then please raise a support ticket via the Support Portal by clicking on the "Create a Ticket" link (note this will appear once you are logged in to the Foundry website). Please include the following when raising the ticket:

  • Description of the problem your facing including the steps you have tried
  • Screenshots of any error messages you get when trying to activate your license
  • A diagnostic output file from the Foundry License Utility (FLU) for the machine you are trying to activate your license on.  Instructions on how to generate this are in Q100105: Diagnosing License Problems



More information about Modo Subscription and Modo Maintenance is available at the following link:

More information about Mari Individual Subscription is available at:

More information about login-based licensing is available in the following articles:

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