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Q100282: What is login-based licensing and which products is it available for?

Which Foundry applications have login licensing?

Login based licensing is currently available for

  • Modo Maintenance and Modo Subscription
  • Mari Individual Subscription
  • Nuke Indie
  • Nuke Non-commerical and Mari Non-commercial

We are investigating the possibility of offering login licensing for other products in future.

What is Login-based Licensing?

With login-based licenses the entitlement to run Modo, Mari or Nuke Indie is tied to your account on the Foundry website rather than to a specific machine.  These licenses allow you to easily activate or deactivate the program on different machines depending on where you need to use the software, provided you have an active internet connection.

The way login-based licensing works is as follows:

  • When you activate your license on a machine, a 30 day nodelocked RLM license is installed
  • When you run the program again, if it has an internet connection, it will connect to the website to check it is still valid and then get a new 30 day license
  • As long as you connect to the internet at least every 30 days you can keep running the program for the duration of your subscription or indefinitely for Modo with Maintenance
  • When you "Log Out" or "Deactivate" the program it tells the website the machine has been deactivated and removes the license.  You can then activate it on another machine
  • The system allows you to activate your entitlement on up to 2 machines at a time

NOTE: If you go for longer than 30 days without connecting to the internet then the local Modo, Mari or Nuke Indie license on the machine will expire.  As soon as you reconnect to the internet and run the program again it will get a new license which will be valid for a further 30 days.

NOTE: Although you do not need to be connected to the internet to use your Login-based license, you will need to have an active network device.  The SystemID that the 30 day license is tied to is the primary MAC address of the machine, if the network card or wifi card is disabled then the SystemID may change and the license may not be valid.  Reactivating the network or wifi card will make the license valid again.


Modo 15 and above:
From Modo 15.0v1, the log-in based licence works slightly differently in that it installs a token to your machine once you log in. This token is refreshed each time you launch the software while connected to the internet.
If you go over 30 days without launching Modo 15 or above while connected to the internet the token will expire and you will need to log in again.


More information about Modo Subscription and Modo Maintenance is available at:

More information about Mari Individual Subscription is available at:

Please see the following articles for detailed instructions on how to use your login-based licenses:

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