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Q100552: Flix 6 Licensing Setup and Troubleshooting


Flix 6 is licensed via RLM licensing in a similar way to other Foundry applications, with a few small differences.  Information about installing and troubleshooting Flix 6 licenses can be found below.



Flix 6 licensing is slightly different to other Foundry applications in that only the Flix Server requires a license - the Flix Client application doesn’t require a license to run.  The number of users who can log in to Flix at the same time is determined by part of the information within the Flix license key, rather than a number of floating licenses.


What type of license do you need?

For setups with a single Flix Server all you need is a nodelocked license for the Flix Server machine.

If you’re running multiple Flix Servers then we recommend using a floating license, with the number of floats equal to the number of Flix Servers running together.  One of the Flix Server machines can act as the license server or you can use another dedicated license server.  This option may be useful if you are running a license server for other Foundry applications.

The difference between nodelocked and floating licenses is explained in Q100266: What is the difference between nodelocked and floating licenses? 


Installing Flix licenses

The steps to install Flix licenses are the same as those for other Foundry licenses but you only need to license the Flix Server machine(s).

Instructions on how to point a Flix Server to a license server in your Flix config can be found in the "Licensing Flix Server" section of the Flix User Guide. (You can also follow the regular method in Q100264: How to point a machine to your license server


Troubleshooting Flix Licensing Issues

If you encounter licensing problems with Flix 6 then please search on the Support Portal for the licensing error message.  If you cannot find a solution to the problem then please open a support ticket and include the following information:

  • A screenshot or copy of the error message when launching Flix
  • A Diagnostic file from the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) on the Flix Server machine(s) and the license server if you’re using a floating license.
    Q100105: How to generate a License Diagnostic file



The Flix User Guide is available at and the section on installing the Flix Server is available at

The Foundry Licensing User Guide is available at


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