Q100522: How to view the licenses installed on your machine using the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU)



One of the new features in the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) 8 is the ability to view a summary of the licenses installed on your machine.




Once you have installed the new Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) you can view the summary of your installed licenses by launching the FLU then clicking on Licenses then View Installed on the left hand side.


The FLU will display a table of the licenses installed on the machine and group them in up to four categories :

  • Valid licenses - licenses which can be used on the machine
  • Replaced licenses - licenses which have been replaced by newer licenses
  • Expired licenses - licenses which are no longer valid
  • Invalid licenses - licenses which are not for this machine, are missing information or are otherwise invalid


You can see more information about a particular license by clicking on a license in the table


You can filter the licenses using the search area and choose what information is displayed by clicking on the icon next to it.




For more information about licensing please see the Foundry Licensing Online Help and the License Server Admin section

The Support Portal has information about installing licenses, error messages and viewing your licenses in the following articles:

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