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Q100405: How To Activate A Nuke Non-Commercial Entitlement


This article covers how to activate a Nuke Non-Commercial Entitlement on your machine.


Before you can activate your Nuke Non-Commercial Entitlement on your machine you will need to have a valid Nuke Non-Commercial entitlement added to your Foundry Online Account. Information on how to get this is in the following article:
Q100423: How To Get A Nuke Non-Commercial Entitlement

Once you have added a Nuke Non-Commercial Entitlement to your Foundry Online Account, you can then activate the entitlement on your machine directly from Nuke Non-Commercial by following the steps below: 

  1. Launch Nuke Non-Commercial and it will display the Licensing window:


  2. Click "Authorise Device" and enter your login details for the Foundry website, then click "Authorise Device":


  3. Nuke Non-Commercial will install a license on your machine.  The license will be renewed each time you run Nuke Non-Commercial when the computer is connected to the internet.  Click on "Launch" to start using Nuke Non-Commercial:



More information about Nuke Non-Commercial is available on the Nuke Non-Commercial page of the Foundry Website and in the following articles on the Support Portal:

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