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Q100279: Differences between 'Reset navigation settings to their default' and 'Reset Camera'


This article details the differences between the 'Reset Camera' and 'Reset Navigation Settings' functions and how you can use them proactively in your work.



In some instances, you may find that Mari's Orthographic camera becomes difficult to control or may mistakenly become locked. This behaviour, whilst rare, can become a problem for artists who lose the ability to navigate in their viewport.

In most cases, Orthographic viewport issues are easily fixed by using 'Reset Camera', process described in the following article: Q100278: What to do if the Orthographic view loses geometry or is empty

However, there can be some confusion between the 'Reset Camera' and 'Reset Navigation Settings' functions due to their icon similarities. Below you can find a description of their differences and usage purpose:


The 'Reset Camera' tool resets the physical camera attributes within the viewport including the focal point of the camera. This means that, should you lose sight of your model or find yourself in a strange view, you can easily reset the focus back to its default.

Fig 1: The Reset Camera tool

To use this tool, navigate to Camera > Reset Camera.

An example of an issue for which the 'Reset Camera' option can be used, is illustrated in the following screen recording:  


Fig 2: You can see that I am unable to navigate in the viewport using the standard controls

Fig 3: Using 'Reset Camera' refocuses the viewport center onto my object



In contrast, the Navigation Toolbar consists of six camera options that form the 'Navigation' controls. In Mari's default layout, these appear on the bottom left hand side of the UI, however, you may need to enable them by right clicking on your toolbars and selecting 'Navigation'.

Fig 4: The Navigation Toolbar 

As you can see, the 'Reset navigation settings to their default' button uses the same icon as the 'Reset Camera' tool. This can be misleading. The 'Reset navigation settings to their default' button refers directly to the set up of the adjacent controls. This means that, if you click and disable each function individually, using this reset tool will automatically set any of these active functions back to their default state.

A demonstration can be seen below when using the 'Zoom Disabled' option:

Fig 5: Navigation settings can be reset to their default states

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