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Q100090: Reporting a Mari issue


This article describes the information we require for investigating any Mari issue, when you create a Support ticket with us.


If you are encountering a crash or a bug in Mari, please always make sure to update your GPU drivers and test using the latest available Mari version, downloadable from our website here.

If the issue persists please provide us the following information when creating a Support ticket:

Required in all cases:

  • A Mari log file generated from your session, its exact location is listed under Q100020: Mari directory paths for config and log files
  • A detailed description of the problem and the apparent cause/trigger
  • The list of steps you follow before experiencing the problem
  • A screenshot of any error messages you're noticing
  • The full hardware specification of your machine, including GPU and driver version

Beneficial in most cases:

  • A screen recording of your exact actions
  • The problematic archive itself (file transfer can be arranged on request)

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the 'Using the Support Portal' article.

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