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Q100266: What is the difference between nodelocked and floating licenses?


This articles explains the differences between the types of license you can purchase for Foundry software.


The Foundry uses RLM licensing for the majority of our products.  Depending on the product, our RLM licenses are available as 3 different types: Nodelocked, floating and render.

A Nodelocked license can ONLY be used on the machine whose System ID the license is keyed to.  If you buy 5 of this type, then you identify 5 machines that will get the licenses. 

A Floating license can be used on the machine whose System ID the license is keyed to (the license server machine) or by any other machine on the same network.  If you buy 5 of this type, then you only identify the one machine the 5 are all keyed to, and you have 5 licenses to use (simultaneously).

A 'Render' license only provides rendering capability and does not allow use of the product in interactive mode.  These are typically used for render farms. Although a 'Render' license can be floating or node-locked, only node-locked Render licenses can be purchased or rented self-service on the website. Contact for floating Render licenses.
NOTE: Render licenses are not available for all products; Mari and Hiero do not have a render component and Modo's render mode does not requires a license.


Modo is compatible with RLM but is still sold as a standalone product using the Luxology licensing model.  More information about how Modo licensing works is available in the following article:

Instructions on how to get up and running with different licensing types are available in the following articles:
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