Q100625: Notice To Discontinue Unsolicited Phone Support


From 31st August 2021, Foundry Support will no longer be contactable for phone-based support, and will require all support requests to be logged via our email or our Support Portal. This change will be reflected in our Customer Maintenance and Support Agreement. After this date, the Support phone line will be discontinued.

Why are you closing the phone lines?

We receive a relatively small number of support calls as most customers recognise that with the complex nature of the questions, it’s difficult to describe the issue effectively in a phone call.  In almost every case we need reproduction steps, error logs, diagnostic logs or other supporting project files to diagnose and resolve the issue. It can take time to review supporting material to isolate the issue and is not something easily done over the phone.

To help us help customers faster, we are removing the phone line and encouraging customers to submit support requests via the Support Portal (http://support.foundry.com ) or via email (support@foundry.com). This will ensure your support request is quickly sent to the relevant product support team for review.

More information on submitting a support request via the Support Portal can be found in this article: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

What happens if I have an urgent license issue?

Before being able to assist you with a license issue, we need to have the licensing diagnostic file to isolate and understand the error (see generating a diagnostic log file). Unfortunately, without reviewing the log file, we cannot assist you.

All support tickets raised via the Support Portal or via email are reviewed (Monday - Friday) in US, UK and Australia time zones. All license issues are treated as priority and we aim to reply in just a few hours. Supplying a diagnostic file helps us ensure the first reply is focused on your specific issue.

Can I still talk to Foundry Support about a license issue?

Once we have reviewed the diagnostic log file and identified the issue, we are normally able to provide you with the appropriate answer to solve the issue. In some cases we may need additional information and arrange a Zoom meeting/call with you to further troubleshoot the problem. The Support Engineer will determine the best way to quickly resolve the issue. 

Our License Help Knowledge Base has detailed troubleshooting steps of many common licensing issues.

I need help with product issues

Product issues are more difficult to troubleshoot on a phone call because of the question complexity. Where the Support Engineer feels a phone call or Zoom meeting is relevant, the engineer will suggest a session via our support system. 

NOTE: Before we are able to take control over a customer's hardware, the relevant legal agreement must be signed by an authorised customer representative.

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