Q100608: How to roam a Modo license from a license server



License roaming is when a floating license is checked out for a number of days so you can keep running the program when off the network or offline. 
These instructions are for Modo 15 and above, if you are roaming an earlier build of the licence please see: Q100583: How to roam a Modo license from a server from an older build

NOTE: Roaming a Modo license is only possible for standalone Modo licenses. It isn't possible to roam a Modo license from a Collective license.  If you cannot access roaming functionality for your floating Modo licenses then please raise a support ticket.





You can roam the floating licence by launching Modo and clicking on "Help > Modo Licensing" from the menu.



From here you can select ‘Manage Roaming’ below:



Enter the number of days you need to go offline for and click on "Roam licenses"


You can then take the machine offline and use the license for the specified number of days, after which it will be automatically checked back in to the server.


Floating license for Modo will be issued as roaming enabled by default.  If roaming is not enabled for you and you would like to roam licenses then please open a support ticket to request this.




By default your machine will keep the license checked out for the full roaming period.  Once the roam times out the license will be available again on the license server and the machine cannot run Modo until it reconnects to the network and license server.




If you want to return a roamed license you need to do this from the machine that checked the license out, it isn't possible to reclaim it from the license server itself.  Do the following to return a roamed license:

Reconnect to the same network as your license server

Launch Modo and click on Help > Modo Licensing and then click on "Manage roaming"

Hit ‘Return Licenses’ then exit Modo and the license will be returned to the server.

Please note that the "Return Licenses" button only appears if you have already roamed a license and then restarted Modo, it doesn't appear in the same Modo session that you roamed the license from.



Q100047: License roaming - how to use a floating licenses off your network



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