Q100535: How to install licenses and the server tools for CentOS/RHEL 6 machines with the old FLU & FLT



The new Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) 8 is supported on centOS/RHEL 7 and Ubuntu 19 machines.  The new utility isn't compatible with older Linux distributions.  If you need to install licenses or a floating license server on a centOS 6 machine then you can use the old Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) and Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) version 7.3.



The last supported version of our licensing tools for centOS/RHEL 6 was FLU and FLT 7.3v2.  These tools are command-line only so they can be run on a headless machine.

How to install licenses with FLU 7.3

  1. Download and unzip the Foundry License Utility (FLU) from the link below
  2. Save the license file to a plain text file called "foundry.lic" in the same location
  3. Open a terminal, navigate to the directory where you save the FLU and the license file and run the following command

    sudo ./FoundryLicenseUtility -l foundry.lic

If you have installed a nodelocked license you can now run the application.  If you have installed a floating license you now need to download and run the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLY)


How to install the server tools with FLT 7.3

In order for a floating license to work you need to install license server software on the server machine.  If you're floating licenses from a centOS 6 machine then you need to install FLT 7.3.

  1. Download the Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT) from the link below
  2. Move the download to you /tmp folder

    mv FLT7.3v2-linux-x86-release-64.tgz /tmp

  3. Unzip the download
    cd /tmp
    tar xvzf FLT7.3v2-linux-x86-release-64.tgz

  4. Run the install.sh script in the unzipped folder

    cd FLT_7.3v2_linux-x86-release-64RH/
    sudo ./install.sh

The server tools will be installed to /usr/local/foundry/LicensingTools7.3/and the server will start up.

 You can control the server by running the FoundryLicensingUtility in /usr/local/foundry/LicensingTools7.3

./FoundryLicenseUtility - start
./FoundryLicenseUtility - stop


How to point a machine to a server using FLU 7.3

  1. Download and unzip the Foundry License Utility (FLU) from the link below
  2. Run the FLU with -c argument and specify the server details

    ./FoundryLicenseUtility -c 4101@serverName

The FLU will create a client license file as a reference to the server.


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For more information about licensing please see the Foundry Licensing Online Help

The Support Portal has articles on installing different license types:

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