V100001: Caching Layers to Improve Performance


This video demonstrates how Mari’s layer caching system can be used to improve the overall performance of your archive.

Having a large number of computationally expensive layers in your archive can often cause Mari’s performance to suffer. Where possible, you should always take the time to cache your ‘finished’ Layers to improve performance.

The video below will explain how to cache your Layer Stack and show the benefits that this can have on your archive’s performance in Mari.

You can find out more information about Mari’s internal caching system and the different cache states, at the following article: Q100290: Cache colours and their meanings in Mari

If you have tried all of the steps detailed in the above video but still find that your archive is suffering from bad performance, please open a Support ticket per the guidance here:  Q100090: Reporting a Mari issue

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the Q100064: Using the Support Portal article.

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