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Q100106: How does Nuke licensing work?


This article explains how NUKE licensing works both in terms of what licenses are requested and how the license usage appears on a license server.


Different licenses for different modes of NUKE

Different NUKE modes require different licenses:

  • Nuke requires a nuke_i license

  • NukeX requires a nuke_i and a nukex_i license

  • NukeStudio requires a nuke_i, nukex_i and nukestudio_i licenses

  • NukeAssist requires a nukexassist_i license

NOTE: You can run Hiero with a hiero_i licence or a nuke_i, nukex_i and nukestudio_i license. However, hieroplayer requires a separate hieroplayer_i license.

When you purchase Nuke, NukeX or NukeStudio you will get the appropriate licenses.  For example, if you buy 2 NukeX licenses you will receive 2 nuke_i and 2 nukex_i licenses.


How license usage appears on a floating license server

All of our RLM licenses are used on a one-per-host-machine basis. This means you can open multiple NUKE scripts on a workstation and only use a single nuke_i license.

When Nuke runs it actually makes two requests to the license server because both the executable and the internal DDImage library (which is used by NUKE nodes and internal plug-ins) check for a valid license.  Only one single license is checked out from the server but it is shared by both processes.

You can view your available licenses and check their usage using the RLM Webserver at http://serverName:4102 (where "serverName" is the hostname of your license server machine).

Please note that the License Usage page actually lists all of the processes that are using a license, so it can appear that one user/host has more than one license checked out.  The screenshot below shows the License Usage page when two NUKE 10.0v1 sessions were running on the same machine - there are 4 processes sharing the same license.

NOTE: If you are running Nuke 11.0 or above with a local Frame Server running (this is enabled by default) there will be additional pairs of checkouts for each background Frame Server process.  A single license will still be shared by the Nuke session and the background Frame Server sessions.

You can see the total number of licenses in use by going to the RLM webserver and clicking on Status on the left hand side followed by the the "foundry" button beneath Server Status.  This page displays how many licenses are currently in use.  Here's a screenshot of the Server Status with the same two NUKE sessions running showing only one license is actually in use.

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