Q100073: What information is needed when logging a Support ticket?



This articles offers an overview of what is recommended to provide for a Support ticket to help us investigate as soon as possible. 
For information on how to use the Support Portal to log a ticket, please refer to the Q100064: How to raise a support ticket article.


When logging a support ticket you will be presented with a dropdown of different options: Screenshot_2022-10-26_at_16.15.57.png

This article will explain which option to choose and what information you will need to include when logging the ticket.


Before logging a Support ticket to report a problem with the software, we recommend that you first review the Product Troubleshooting articles to see if these help resolve your issues:

Q100074: Methods for troubleshooting Nuke/NukeX/Nuke Studio issues

Q100081: Troubleshooting different types of Mari issues

If you are still seeing issues after performing the steps outlined in these articles, then please open a Support ticket with us using 'I want to report a product bug' or 'I need product support' options in the submission form dropdown.

When submitting a Support ticket we require the following information to help us investigate the issue further and log the appropriate bug report with our engineering teams:

A clear description of the problem you are encountering:

Expected and Actual Behaviour

What behaviour you are currently seeing and the behaviour you would expect to be seeing instead:


Product and Machine Information

The product and the product version you're reporting the issue against i.e. Nuke 14.0v5
The operating system and version you're using the product on i.e. Windows 11


If you are running the latest available version of the product, did you also see the problem in an earlier version of the product? If the issue is specific to only one version of the product then it is a regression. 
NOTE: If you are not running the latest available version of the product, can you please try updating to the latest version and letting us know if the same problem happens?

Is the problem reproducible using a script/project/scene? If so can you please send a simple example that reproduces the problem?
Sending a project file is always useful and can help us understand what you are doing when you encounter your issue. 
Providing screenshots or screen recordings is always extremely useful so we can get a comprehensive understanding of the steps you are taking. We recommend using screen capture software rather than recording your screen from a camera, as this will ensure no information will be blurred or too low resolution to read. Guidance on screen recording in Windows can be found here: Q100467: Capturing a video or screenshot of an application in Windows 10/11

Sending footage is useful as it is common for problems to be specific to the footage itself. We are happy to sign an NDA or provide you our standard mutual NDA, to help facilitate the transfer of files.


If you wish to log a request to update or improve a function in the software please use the 'I want to request a new product feature' option in the submission form dropdown.

When submitting a Support ticket we require the following information to help us investigate the issue further and log the appropriate feature request with our engineering teams:

Please describe the feature in as much detail as possible. Include information such as: how the feature works now and how you want this to improve in the future. What benefits would this feature bring for you?


OS, Product information and attachments:
Also include information about the product and product version, and add any attachments that will help illustrate the request further like comparisons:



If you are encountering any problems with your licenses and cannot resolve the issue using the information in Licensing Online User Guide or the Support Portal Licensing Help section, then please open a support ticket using the 'I have a license / account issue' drop down.

When submitting a Support ticket we require the following information to help us investigate the issue further and help resolve the licensing problem: 

Please add a clear description of the problem being encountered, include information such as: when did the issue start and how many users/machines is this affecting?



OS, Product information and attachments:
Include the operating system being used, the product you are trying to run and attach a screenshot or screen recording of the issue or licensing error.

We also ask that customers generate a Diagnostic File from the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) and attach it to the ticket to help us see exactly what is installed on your machine. If you're dealing with a floating setup then we require this from both the server machine and the client machine on which the licensing issue occurs.
We need this diagnostics log before being able to respond so to prevent delays, generating and attaching the log when submitting a ticket, is the recommended approach.


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