Q100029: Temporary license warning



On launching the product application, the user is alerted that the license is temporary and has some number of days remaining.  A 'Launch' option is provided. Sometimes a user finds this message unexpected.


It is possible the license you have is a purchase temporary license, which means that it is issued by our Sales department on receipt of a purchase order pending payment of an invoice.  


The message is a warning to alert the user in case a replacement license is available but has not yet been installed.

If a reseller is involved in the transaction, we issue the full license to the reseller once the payment has been received. 

Note: The first available, valid license in the installed license file is found, and if it is a temporary, then the number of days left is reported. (Once that license is in use, it is no longer an available license in the file, and the rule continues to apply.)

If you receive a "license installed successfully" indication from the FLU when you install a permanent or longer-term license, then it will be found when the shorter-term temporary license expires.

If you have any doubts, run the FLU's Diagnostic and read it. It finds license files, then tells you what is in the files, and what the status of the keys are.


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