Q100029: License Expiry Warning



When launching a Foundry program, a Licensing window appears to warn the user they have a temporary license with a given number of days remaining.  This can appear even if you have a longer term or permanent licence installed.

Examples of the pop up can be found below:



(Older Product Builds)



Foundry products will warn the user if the license they are running off is due to expire within a set time frame.  Most of our products are set to warn the user if the licence will expire within 30 days but the products which offer login-based licensing will warn the user when they have less time left (Mari = 20 days and Modo = 7 days) so the popup doesn't appear as frequently for customers with pay-monthly subscriptions.
NOTE: This warning can appear even when you have a permanent or long term temporary licence installed because Foundry products will use the first valid licence they find.  If the first available licence is due to expire soon then the warning will appear, once that licence expires the program will move on and use the next valid licence and the warning will no longer appear (unless that licence too is due to expire soon).


You should still be able to launch your software and use it as normal by clicking on the 'Launch' button in the bottom right corner of the license dialogue.

In Nuke you can prevent the temporary license warning from appearing by setting the FN_NUKE_DISABLE_TMPLIC_NOTIFY_DIALOG=1 environment variable.

Alternatively, you can set the following environment variable to specify when the warning should appear, measured in days to expiry: 

More information on how to set environment variables can be found in the following article:
Q100015: How To Set Environment Variables

For other products (excluding Modo) you can prevent the license UI from appearing at all by setting the following environment variable:



If you are unsure why you are receiving this temporary license warning then it may be possible the license you have is a purchase temporary license.  More information on purchase licenses can be found in the following article:
Q100382: What is a purchase license?
If you are still unsure of why you are getting this error message and would like the Support team to check your licences then please generate a diagnostic output file from the Foundry License Utility (FLU) and attach it to a support ticket.  Instructions on how to generate the file and send it to Support are in the following article: 

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