Q100039: Restoring a Mari project from a backup



Project corruptions can have various reasons and are most often caused by interaction over the network or changes in the folder structure of your project (possibly inflicted by disk cleanup tools).
The consequence is that your Mari archive will not open even though it used to work before.

This article explains how to restore your project from an automatically generated backup file located in your project directory, however please be careful and always make sure to backup the affected project before following each step precisely.



If you attempt to do this, you must follow the instructions to the point, otherwise this can result in serious problems.
  1. Start Mari
  2. Hover your mouse over the affected project in the project tab until the tooltip pops up
  3. Write down the first 4 digits of the UUID
  4. Close Mari - very important! If Mari is open during the next steps, irreversible project corruptions can occur.
  5. Open a file browser and navigate to your project directory
  6. You will see a number of folders each with long hash names - those are your projects - it should look something like:

  7. Select the folder that starts with the UUID of your affected project (noted down earlier) and copy it to a save location (backup purposes)
  8. Now open the folder that starts with the UUID noted earlier (the one in the project directory, not the copy)
    You should see something like:
  9. Rename Project.mri to Project.OLD
  10. Rename Project.mri.bak to Project.mri
  11. Now start Mari again and attempt to open your archive

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