Q100218: What to do if CAMERA TRACKER for After Effects cannot find your license



If you encounter licensing errors with CAMERA TRACKER for After Effects, even after installing a valid license, then this may be because the plug-in is cached in an unlicensed state.
This article explains how you can solve this issue.



If your licenses is not correctly installed when you first try to use CAMERA TRACKER for After Effects then the host program may cache the plug-in in an unlicensed state.  This can then prevent the CAMERA TRACKER plug-in from looking for a license after you correctly install the license.
You can force After Effects to make the plug-in check for a license again by clearing out the cache with the following steps:
  1. Launch After Effects
  2. Click on Edit > Purge > "All Memory & Disk Cache"
  3. Make a new comp and add Camera Tracker, it should now look for your license
If this does not fix the problem you are seeing then please visit the article below for more guidance on licensing issues:
Q100105: How to generate a License Diagnostic file



Note: In February 2017 we announced that, as of 31st March 2017, we will be discontinuing Camera Tracker for After Effects. 

Q100396: Camera Tracker for After Effects is no longer supported

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