Q100185: Will my licenses work on a Virtual Machine?



Foundry RLM licenses, both floating and nodelocked, may not work on virtual machines (VMs) due to checks within RLM licensing.  However it is possible to float or use licenses on a virtual machine, either by installing an additional license or by having the license regenerated.



By default, the RLM server will not start if it detects that it is running on a virtual machine.  If this happens you may see the following error in the server log file:

07/19 15:47 (foundry) This server does not run on virtual machines, exiting
07/19 15:47 (rlm) The ISV server is running on the wrong host. 07/19 15:47 (rlm) 
07/19 15:47 (rlm) This can happen if:
07/19 15:47 (rlm)  The hostid of this machine doesn't match any license file
07/19 15:47 (rlm)  - or -
07/19 15:47 (rlm)  You are attempting to run the server on a virtual machine

Running an RLM license server on a VM is possible but it requires an additional VM Enable license.  If you need to float licenses from a virtual machine then please contact licenses@foundry.com to request a VM Enable license and include the SystemID of your server.

When you receive your VM Enable license, please use the Foundry License Utility (FLU) to install it on your server alongside your existing licenses.  You will be able to start the RLM server and float your licenses on your network. Q100027: How to install a floating/server license


Node-locked (single machine) licenses may also not work if the program detects it is running on a virtual machine.  If this happens the error messages will contain

Reason for failure: 
Virtual Machines not permitted for this license.
nuke_i : Uncounted license on Virtual Machine is disabled (-47)

If you need to use a nodelocked license on a virtual machine then please contact licenses@foundry.com to request to have your licenses regenerated so they will work on a VM.



This is rarely a problem for non-virtual machines but we do get the occasional false-positive on VM detection.  In the past this has been caused with ethernet bridge devices or some external hard drive set ups.

If you get one of these error messages on a non-virtual machine or want us to check that the VM error messages are the cause of your licensing problems then please generate a diagnostic file from the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) and contact the Support team using the "Create A Ticket" button above.

Q100105: How to generate a License Diagnostic file

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