Q100042: Temporarily setting Mari's Project Location to a different folder



Users may sometimes want to change their Project Location to an alternative folder for just one Mari session.

For example, a Technical Director may want to spend an afternoon creating dozens of temporary Projects to make tests on. When he has completed his tests he'll want to delete all Projects. If he created these Projects in his typical Projects Location, he'll have to select them in Mari's Projects tab, making sure to not select anything important, and wait for them to be deleted. But if he creates these test Projects in their own temporary Project Location, all he needs to do is delete the folder.

This article describes how to temporarily set Mari's project directory to an alternative location, on both Windows and Linux systems. 

Note: Project Location is typically set when Mari is opened for the first time, and it can be changed in the software by selecting Edit > Preferences > Data > Project Location. It contains all your project files and its contents should never be modified without prior backups. We also highly recommend having the project directory on a local drive, as network drives sometimes can't keep up with the writing speeds of Mari, which can lead to data loss.



To set your Project Location to a different folder for just one Mari session, please do the following:

  1. Create a folder on one of your local drives, preferably a Solid State Drive, such as the following:
       Windows: C:\tmp\mari_projects
       Linux: /tmp/mari_projects

  2. Launch your system's Command Prompt / Terminal.

  3. Set the MARI_CACHE environment variable, which defines the Project Location, by typing the following:
       Windows: set MARI_CACHE=C:\tmp\mari_projects
       Linux: export MARI_CACHE=/tmp/mari_projects

    Note: To learn more about environment variables, please refer to the following articles:
    Q100015: How to set Environment Variables
    Documentation: Environment Variables That Mari Recognises

  4. Using the same terminal tab, Launch Mari by targeting your install directory:
       Windows: "C:\Program Files\Mari6.0v2\Bundle\bin\Mari6.0v2.exe"
       Linux: /usr/local/Mari6.0v2/mari

  5. Mari should launch with the Project Location set to the folder specified in Step 2.


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