Q100382: What is a purchase license?



This article explains what a temporary purchase license is and why these are issued by our Sales team. It will also provide information on the differences between a purchase license and your full commercial/rental/education license


When you place an order with our Sales team you will be issued with a temporary purchase license to cover the period of the invoice.  The purchase license is fully functional and lasts for 35 days from when the order is placed.

Once the payment of the invoice is complete then you will be sent the full license, which is either a permanent license or one that lasts for the duration of your rental period.  If a reseller is involved in the transaction, we issue the full license to the reseller once the payment has been received.  
NOTE: If your purchase license is still installed and valid when you install the full license you may see the temporary license warning when launching your software.  Once the purchase license expires then the program will move on and run off the full license.  More information on this can be found in the following article:


More information on how our licensing works can be found below: 

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