Q100666: Transferring from Floating to Team Login Licenses



In order to move your Nuke or Mari licenses from RLM floating to login-based teams licenses, you must successfully complete the ‘Migration Request’ form on your Foundry website account.

Once you have received the email from our Licensing team confirming the transition has been completed, you can follow the steps in this article to remove your old licenses and install the new login-based teams license.


Please follow these steps in order to remove your old RLM licenses and install your login-based teams license.

Step 1 - Remove your old RLM licenses and uninstall the license tools

This article on the Support Portal explains how to remove RLM licenses from a machine

Q100257: How to remove licenses from your machine

For floating licenses you will also need to remove the files from the license server machine.

If you are transferring ALL of your floating RLM licenses to Team Login licenses, then you can also uninstall the license server.  The following link contains instructions on how to do this: Removing FLT


Step 2 - Invite Users to your Login Licensing Team

Instructions on how to add users to your login licensing team setup are available under the 'Managing Your Team Licensing Organization' section of our documentation.


Step 3 - Activate the Team Login Licenses setup

Your users can access the Team Login Licenses by following the instructions to activate the license here: Q100660: How to activate your teams login-based license

Step 4 [Optional] - Reinstall remaining licenses

If you are not transferring all of your licenses to login licenses you will receive a license file with your remaining licenses. 

Please reinstall these onto your server by following the instructions in the article below:

Q100027: How to install a floating/server license

You will also need to ensure that your client machines are pointing to the server via these steps: Q100264: How to point a machine to your license server


More information about individual and teams login-based licensing and how this works can be found in the LOGIN-BASED LICENSING section of our Support Portal.
You can also find more details on our Website and Documentation pages. 

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