Q100662: What is Teams licensing and how does it work?



Teams login-based licensing is now available and can be used with:

  • Nuke / NukeX / Nuke Studio and Nuke Render from 14.0v1
  • Hiero from 14.0v1
  • Hiero Player from 14.0v1
  • Mari from 7.0
  • Modo from 17.0 (macOS from 17.0v2 onwards)

We are rolling out Teams login-based licensing one-by-one to all Foundry products. Please look out for future announcements about our remaining products.

NOTE: Teams licensing is not backwards compatible so will not work with an earlier build of the software.

NOTE: Teams licensing is not supported on Modo 17 for users who use Power Translators and Power SubD-Nurbs plugins.

In the meantime, the following workaround can be used to license the Power Translators and Power SubD-Nurbs plugins with Modo 17: Q100690: How to license Power Translators and PowerSubD-Nurbs in Modo 17 when using a teams license


What is Teams Login-based Licensing?

Login-based licensing is available for individual and for team usage. More information on individual login-based licensing can be found here: Q100282: What is individual login-based licensing and which products is it available for?

Teams Login Licenses are Floating licenses that work as a pool which can be used by any user within a team, up to the maximum number of concurrent users that team owns. Licenses are checked out when you run the application and returned when you exit it.  They are not locked to specific named users.

NOTE: Licenses can only be returned from the workstation using the license. You cannot force a license to be returned to the organisation from the organisation panel. If the license is idle on the machine for an hour, the license will automatically time out and be returned.

A team is a representation of a company within the login licensing system. Team licenses are usable by any user within the team.

How does Teams licensing work?

When purchasing a Teams license you will be added as an admin for that company. You can find instructions on how to invite users to your licensing team in the 'Managing Your Team Licensing Organization' section of the Foundry learn pages.

Once you have added your users to your team they can activate the licence via these steps:

Q100660: How to activate your teams login-based license

To use Team Login Licenses you need to be connected to the internet, if you roam a license you can then use it offline for up to 30 days.  The license will remain checked out to that user until they return it to the pool, there is no way to force a roamed license back to the server from the admin panel.

You can manage your Teams licenses by following the steps under the 'Managing Your Team Licensing Organization' section of the Foundry learn pages.

When you activate your license on a machine, a license or token and a preference folder is installed to one of the following directories:

Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Foundry\Tokens

OSX: /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/ApplicationSupport/Foundry/Tokens

Linux: $HOME/.local/share/Foundry/Tokens

The seat is returned to the team once you close the software. 

When you run the program again, it will check the preference folder and check the website to see if it is still valid and then check the seat out again. You can log out of the team and remove the preference folder by following these steps: Q100661: How to deactivate your teams login-based license 



More information about teams login based licensing is available here:

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