Q100646: Choosing the appropriate support option for your query



Different departments at Foundry assist with a range of different issues. This article is designed to help direct you to the relevant department, in order to get the fastest response to your queries.



Our Support team provides help with product, license and website related questions or issues. You can submit requests through the Support Portal.
Please see
Q100064: How to raise a support ticket for more information on how to submit a ticket.


Examples of issues usually dealt with in Support:

  • A product crash / freeze or incorrect behaviour
  • Feature requests
  • Product workflow questions
  • Hardware compatibility questions
  • Testing/logging bug reports with our Engineering teams
  • Issues installing your licenses
  • Problems with your expected license count
  • Issues with license checkout behaviour 
  • Questions about how your license can/should work 
  • foundry.com account access issues (such as logging in, changing email etc)
  • Issues downloading a product or a broken link on our website
  • Incorrect information on our Support Portal



Our Sales team provides assistance with general product purchases.
Our Sales team can be contacted at


Examples of issues usually dealt with in Sales include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance renewals requests
  • Cancellations/ refund queries
  • Purchase questions
  • Requests for demo licenses
  • Temporary test license requests


Online purchases and trials can be accessed through the website



Our licensing team is responsible for license generation.
For questions regarding license keys, contact licenses@foundry.com.

Examples of issues usually dealt with in Licensing include:

  • License file regeneration
  • License transfer requests
  • Virtual Machine enabler requests
  • Failover license requests
  • Resending license files


Our Accounts team is responsible for providing help with payment.
You can contact Foundry Accounts by emailing


Examples of issues usually dealt with in Accounts include:

  • Invoice requests to track expenditures
  • Payment questions
  • Value-Added Tax questions
  • Sales tax queries
  • Secure Worldpay payment link request for credit/debit card payments
  • Registration for Customer Portals
  • Completion of Vendor forms
  • Certificate of Residency queries
  • With-holding tax queries



Our Education team is responsible for providing students and education institutions with licenses. 


For student or graduate license enquiries our Education Support team can be contacted through our website or via email at educationsupport@foundry.com.

  • Student license/payment queries
  • Student license pricing
  • Student license transfer request
  • Purchasing a new student license
  • Student license general inquiry
  • First Year free license requests

For Education Institutions and Faculty license enquiries
, please contact education@foundry.com.


Examples of issues usually dealt with in our Education team include:

  • Education license resending/regenerating/renewing requests
  • Graduate upgrade to commercial licenses
  • Classroom or faculty license purchases and renewals
  • License queries related to classroom or faculty purchases
  • Graduate upgrade to commercial licenses



To provide feedback and rate your experience on the learn/documentation pages on our website, please click here. Hover mouse over the right side of the screen for this option to appear. This will expose a feedback form which will capture your comments and send them directly to our Learn team who will review then get in touch with you.



Please visit our Support Portal for any specific product questions or queries.

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