Q100630: Resolving the “The Installation Failed” error when attempting to install the license server via FLU 8.1.6 on Mac/Linux



You may see the following “The Installation Failed” error when attempting to install the server via FLU 8.1.6 on Mac.



On Linux you may see the following error:
CLI INVOCATION FAILED for doServerAction getStatus: Error: lock timed out

CLI INVOCATION failure for for getServerConnections: Error: lock timed out


This is due to a bug within the FLU 8.1.6 on Mac and Linux:

BUG ID 438685 - Server tools do not install from public FLU 8.1.6 build on macOS and Linux



In order to work around this issue, please install the FLU 8.1.3 and install the server from here using these steps:

  1. Install FLU 8.1.3:
    Mac download
    Linux (.deb) download
    Linux (.rpm) download

  2. Launch FLU, click on License Server > Install

  3. Click through on the steps on the FLU installer

If you are installing the server on a headless machine, please follow these steps Q100534: How to use Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) 8 on a headless machine

This should allow you to float the licenses but if you encounter further issues please log a support ticket via the steps in the following article: Q1000064: How to raise a support ticket.


Q100360: How to install the server tools for floating/server licenses 
Q100027: How to install a floating/server license
Q100264: How to point a machine to your license server
Q100535: How to install licenses and the server tools for centOS/RHEL 6 machines with the old FLU & FLT

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