Q100624: Dialogue not present in Flix following imports from Storyboard Pro versions prior to 20.10.2



When importing from Storyboard Pro 20, dialogue for panels will not get transferred over to Flix.


From Storyboard Pro 20 onward, the XML that Flix relies on for the import does not include dialogue information.

Known versions of Storyboard Pro 20 reproducing the issue: 20.0.0, 20.0.1
This issue does not occur in previous versions of the software.

This issue has been resolved in newer versions of the software. Known version of Storyboard Pro 20 that does NOT reproduce the issue: 20.10.2



Either use an older version of Storyboard Pro, for example Storyboard Pro 7, or upgrade Storyboard Pro 20 to the latest released version. 


If dialogue on panels from Storyboard Pro 20 isn’t appearing in Flix then this is related to the above-mentioned current SBP behaviour. For more information please contact Toon Boom Support.

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