Q100598: Download links for previous Mari versions



Sometimes due to maintenance restrictions, or issues that may arise due to changes made with newer versions of Mari, you may need to download an older version.

This article provides a list of previous Mari releases, with download links for each operating system.


Please select and download the required version of Mari using the links below:

Mari 6.0v2 (6-Apr-2023) Windows | Linux
Mari 6.0v1 (8-Dec-2022) Windows | Linux
Mari 5.0v4 (9-Aug-2022) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.8v4 (9-Aug-2022) Windows | Linux
Mari 5.0v3 (18-May-2022) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.8v3 (18-May-2022) Windows | Linux
Mari 5.0v2 (16-Feb-2022) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.8v2 (16-Feb-2022) Windows | Linux
Mari 5.0v1 (17-Nov-2021) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.8v1 (17-Nov-2021) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.7v7 (11-April-2022) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.7v6 (17-Dec-2021) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.7v5 (12-Nov-2021) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.7v4 (6-Jul-2021) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.7v3 (15-Jun-2021) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.7v2 (1-Feb-2021) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.7v1 (8-Dec-2020) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.6v4 (22-Jul-2020) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.6v3 (25-Feb-2020) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.6v2 (29-Jan-2020) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux
Mari 4.6v1 (28-Oct-2019) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.5v2 (11-Jun-2019) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.5v1 (22-Mar-2019) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.2v2 (8-Jan-2019) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.2v1 (5-Sep-2018) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.1v2 (19-Jul-2018 (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.1v1 (7-Jun-2017) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.0v4 (16-Apr-2018) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.0v3 (20-Mar-2018) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.0v2 (6-Feb-2018) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 4.0v1 (30-Nov-2017) (unsupported) Windows | Linux
Mari 3.4v4 (7-Jan-2019) (unsupported) Windows | MacOS | Linux 

NOTE: This article will be updated periodically with the latest version of Mari. If this is not up to date at the time of checking, please see the Mari Product Downloads and the Mari Earlier Versions pages.



If you encounter any problems downloading and installing any of these versions, then please create a support ticket and provide us with the information requested in this article: Q100090: Reporting a Mari issue

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to our article: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

NOTE: Please note that technical support will apply to the latest product version and any prior versions released within the previous 18 (eighteen) months. All other versions are considered unsupported. For more information please see our Q100069: Customer support policy

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