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Q100592: Important Announcement - Compatibility of Foundry products with Apple macOS Big Sur (11.0) and Apple silicon M1 chips


This article covers support across the Foundry products for Apple's latest macOS update, Big Sur (11.0), and their new Mac line of products with Apple silicon M1 processors.


The latest macOS version, Big Sur, is not currently supported across our Foundry product portfolio. Our product teams are testing this macOS release and looking to qualify it as soon as possible. 

Apple’s new processing hardware Apple silicon including the recently released Apple M1 chip, is due to be reviewed by each product and support will be planned based on the individual review results.

Here is the latest status of supported macOS versions across our Foundry products: 


macOS Catalina (10.15)

macOS Big Sur (11.0)

Apple M1 chips

Nuke family 

12.1v1 onwards

13.0v1 onwards

Not supported


13.2v1 onwards

15.0v1 onwards

Not supported (in testing)


3.1v1 onwards

Not supported (in testing)

Not supported


4.6v3 onwards

Not supported

Not supported


6.3.6 onwards

Not supported

Not supported


Katana is not available on macOS.

Please rest assured that we are taking steps to meet the new requirements and will address the incompatibility in future releases of our products.  We will update this article with more information when it becomes available. 

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