Q100583: How to roam a Modo/Nuke license from a server from an older build



License roaming is when a floating license is checked out for a number of days so you can keep running the program when off the network or offline.  This functionality is available for Modo 12.2v2 and Nuke 12.2v1 and above, earlier versions cannot roam a license.

NOTE: Roaming a license is only possible for standalone licenses.  It isn't possible to roam a license from a Collective license.

NOTE: If roaming from Mari 7 with a teams organisation license, please refer to the following article for instructions: Q100608: How to roam a Modo/Nuke/Mari license from a license server or organisation.


This information is for older builds of Modo, for Modo 15, Nuke 13.2 and above, please see: Q100608: How to roam a Modo/Nuke license from a license server


How to check if roaming is enabled for your licenses

Checking for roaming in Nuke

The Licensing window in Nuke (available from Help > License from the menu) will have a "Roaming" button if Nuke is using a roaming-enabled license (see first image below).  If it is not enabled it will just display info about the license (see the second image below).


Checking for roaming in Modo

You can check if your Modo license has roaming enabled by launching Modo and clicking on "Help > Modo Licensing" from the menu.  The license status information will indicate if roaming is enabled or not.



How to roam a Modo/Nuke license


You can roam a license by doing the following:

  1. Launch Modo/Nuke
  2. Click on "Help > License" in Nuke or "Help > Licensing" in Modo.
  3. If you are trying to roam Nuke, then click on the "Roaming" button in the bottom right of the dialogue box.
  4. Enter the number of days you need to go offline for in the text box then click on "Roam"
  5. You can then take the machine offline and use the license for the specified number of days, after which it will be automatically checked back into the server


How to return a roamed license

By default, your machine will keep the license checked out for the full roaming period.  Once the roam times out the license will be available again on the license server and the machine cannot run Modo/Nuke until it reconnects to the network and license server.

If you want to return a roamed license you need to do this from the machine that checked the license out, it isn't possible to reclaim it from the license server itself.  Do the following to return a roamed license:



  1. Reconnect to the same network as your license server
  2. Launch Modo and click on Help > Modo Licensing and then click on "Return Roam"
  3. Exit Modo and the license will be returned to the server
When returning the Nuke license, please make sure you use the same mode of Nuke to return the roamed license that you used to take out the roam.  For example, if you roamed a full Nuke Studio license then launch Nuke Studio when you return the roamed license.

If you return the license in standard Nuke mode only the nuke_i license will return. You will then need to roam standard Nuke again and then return the full license from Nuke Studio. Steps to return Nuke licenses are:
  1. Reconnect to the same network as your license server
  2. Launch Nuke and click on Help > License from the menu, then click on Roaming on the Licensing window
  3. Click on Return Roam on the License Roaming window
  4. Nuke will confirm that the roamed license has been returned.  Exit the Nuke and the roamed license will go back to the server.
NOTE: The "Return Roam" button only appears if you have already roamed a license and then restarted the application, it doesn't appear in the same session that you roamed the license from.



If you are still experiencing difficulties please create a support ticket to let us know the exact issue encountered and the troubleshooting steps that have been taken.
For more information on how to open a support request, please refer to this article: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket



More information on how to roam floating license can be found here:

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