Q100564: Modo Render palette support for Mari 4.6v3 on Mac



The Modo Render palette allows users to preview renders and bake maps for their Modo asset without leaving the Mari application. A bundled command line version of Modo ships with Mari for the purpose of these features. 

In Mari 4.6v3, on macOS only, Modo was removed from the Mari installation bundle due to notarisation restrictions on newer Apple platforms.


In order to use the Modo Render palette in Mari 4.6v3 on Mac, you need to manually install Modo. 

NOTE: You will not require a dedicated Modo license, even if installing Modo from scratch, in order for Mari to use the Modo Render palette.

Modo not installed locally on your machine

If you do not have a copy of Modo already installed, and want to use the Modo palette to render, then you will first need to download and install Modo. Details on how to do this can be found in the Installing Modo on Mac guide.

Modo for macOS can be downloaded from the following location: https://www.foundry.com/products/modo/download 

Once Modo is installed, please use the below steps to tell Mari where to find the newly installed version of Modo. 

Modo installed locally on your machine

If you already have Modo installed locally on your machine, then you can use the Modo Render palette to point Mari towards the version of Modo you would like to use.

Open the Modo Render palette 

and in Modo Bin specify where Mari can find the Modo application by entering the full file path to the modo_cl executable.

i.e. /Applications/modo.app/Contents/MacOS/modo_cl

NOTE: You can direct Mari to use any version of Modo you may have installed, however, Modo 901 or above is required for rendering and previewing to work correctly.



More information on using the Modo Render palette can be found in our online documentation

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