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Q100556: How to generate a diagnostic file from the RLM webserver


The webserver that runs alongside an RLM server to monitor license availability and usage can also generate a diagnostic file showing the licensing setup of the server.

The information contained in the file is similar to the diagnostic file from the Foundry Licensing Utility (FLU) - the FLU reports on licenses in the standard Foundry license locations and an installation of a Foundry RLM server (if installed), the RLM webserver diagnostic reports on that instance of the RLM webserver and the license it uses.  It can be useful to generate a diagnostic file from the RLM webserver if you have installed floating licenses to a custom location or are running a combined or non-Foundry RLM server install.



You can access the RLM webserver by going to <servername>:<port> in a browser. The web server port for Foundry Server Tools is 4102 but the RLM default is 5054. If you're using the Foundry installation, and accessing it from the server machine then you can use


or if you're accessing a generic RLM server from a different machine then you would use


NOTE: You will need to change the servername part to the name of your server machine. If the server is a Mac, you may need to use hostname.local:port to access this.


The front page of the RLM web server looks like this:


Click the option “Diagnostics” on the left hand side and you will see this page:


Choose where you want to save the file then click “Run Diagnostics”. You can then attach the file from the specified location when logging or replying to a support ticket.


How to Create a Support Ticket

Please then send the file(s) to us, along with a description of the problem you are encountering, by creating a support ticket using the "Create a Ticket" link on the top of the Support Portal Page. 

NOTE: The "Create a Ticket" button will only be visible when you are logged in to the Support Portal.

More information on creating a Support Ticket can be found here:

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