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Q100468: How to fix "The license has expired" message with login-based licenses


This article explains what to do when you have a valid and active login-based license but the software displays the following error message (example screenshot from Modo) : 

The license has expired




This issue is often caused by having an old expired login based entitlement in your account, either for an old trial license or subscription. The problem happens when Modo is trying to fetch the old entitlement rather than grabbing the current valid one.


This can be resolved by ensuring the all existing sessions are deactivated and any local records of old license logins are cleared from the machine. Please do the following: 

  1. Deactivate any active devices through the website by following the instructions in:
    Q100586: How to deactivate your login based licence

  2. Then delete the contents of the FoundryLicensing directory in your home area.  The default location for this is:

    Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\FoundryLicensing\
    OSX: /Users/<USERNAME>/FoundryLicensing/
    Linux: /Users/<USERNAME>/FoundryLicensing/

    is your account name on the machine)

  3. Launch the software and log in again. Detailed instructions are available in this article:
    Q100585: How to activate your log in based licence on your device 


This should resolve the problem for you but if you do encounter any further issues please create a support ticket if you continue to get this problem.  Information on how to create a support ticket is in the following article:Q100064: How to raise a support ticket



More information about login-based licensing is available in the following articles:

Q100282: What is login-based licensing and which products is it available for?
Q100586: How to deactivate your login based licence
Q100285: Troubleshooting Login-based Licensing 
Q100286: How to manage your login-based licenses



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