Q100467: Capturing a video or screenshot of an application in Windows 10/11



When submitting a Support ticket, screen recordings are a beneficial way to include details, along with any reproduction steps of the issue occurring. This article explains how to capture a video or screenshot using Game Bar for the Windows 10 operating system.


As screen recording has become easier with today’s technology, users are able to share additional details about any issues for the Support team to gain further guidance. The Game Bar application allows this, and is included in Windows 10 by default. Please follow the steps below to record an application using Game Bar:

NOTE: The Windows Desktop and File Explorer are unable to be recorded with this method.


1. With any application open, press the [Windows key + G] on the keyboard. If you are prompted to open the Game Bar - choose Yes.

2. A new menu will appear at the top of the screen. Click/press the Webcam icon for "Capture" to have the Capture widget appear if it's not already on-screen.


3. A menu for recording appears on the screen. Click/press the button with the white circle, and the application will begin recording.


4. Click the white Stop button to quit recording and save the video.

5.  A popup message will appear for the saved video. Clicking the message will open the Gallery view for the Captures.


- By default, the location of the videos should be found in this directory: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Videos\Captures

NOTE: USERNAME is the current active user.

6. Review the footage for accuracy and upload to Support for further assistance.

Additional Notes: 

A single screenshot can be taken of the application as well. This can be achieved by selecting the camera icon on the Game Bar menu, or by pressing the [Windows key + Alt + Print Screen] hotkey. This screen capture is saved in the same location as the video recordings.


Alternate methods of screen capture include pressing the [Windows key + Shift + S] hotkey, which then creates an overlay to click+drag the mouse over the area to be captured. When the area is selected, it copies the captured selection onto the clipboard, to be pasted in any application that accepts copied images.

Changing other aspects of the Game Bar, such as alternative hotkeys/shortcuts or file locations, can be done by accessing the Windows Start menu and typing Settings, pressing Enter, then choose Gaming, as displayed below:


 Please view the Further Reading section for more information regarding the Game Bar.



Please view the Official Microsoft documentation regarding the Game Bar.

Additional Game Bar capture settings can be viewed at the following link: Changing Capture settings

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