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Q100464: Flix Config File Locations and Descriptions



This article explains where to find the Flix Config Files and what the purpose of each file is.

NOTE: These files should only be changed or updated by a studio’s IT department. Incorrect Syntax or other errors that are saved could cause Flix to become unstable for the entire Studio.


Each of these directories contains the YML or PY config files described below.



localParameters.yml - The localParameters file will allow you to change the default parameters that are loaded when Flix is started.


flixApp/flixConfig/context - The localContext file can be used to specify Flix file and class paths for the Flix and Flix Next.


flixApp/flixConfig/remote - The localProcConfig file is used to add or change ports used by the Flix server. You can also change the host address of your server(s). 



overrides.yml - The Overrides file will allow you to override the parameters that are loaded by localParameters for each show.



You can read more information about the available parameters at the link below:

Setting Parameters


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