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Q100403: The Modo Public Bug Tracker Is Now Live!

Modo has been added to the Public Bug Tracker and can be accessed from the menu above. With the Bug Tracker, you can subscribe to and track the progress of Modo bugs (and other products) logged with Support.

Please note that only new bugs reported to Support from the 30th May 2018 will be added to our Public Bug Tracker. Any issues reported to Support or the Modo Team before this date will not be visible in the Public Bug Tracker, although we are looking into making older bug reports publicly viewable where possible.

If you encounter any issues with Modo then please raise a Support Ticket so that the Support team can investigate it for you and log the bug.  Information on how to raise a support ticket can be found in:

Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

When reporting bugs please include as much information as possible to help the team investigate and reproduce the issues as quickly as possible.  More details about how to log bugs can be found in:

Q100068: How to use the Bug Tracker

For detailed information on how to use the Bug Tracker and subscribe to notifications, please refer to the above article. 

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