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Q100454: Support Portal Autumn 2018 Update

Here in Support, we are always looking at ways at improving the customer experience and improving our Support Portal.  Over the last few month or so, we have rolled out a few improvements to the Portal which we hope you will find useful.


Context Icons

The Support team have published over 500 articles to our knowledge base. These article cover common questions and obscure, but useful information we have learned from solving customer support tickets. But with so much great content, it can be hard judge if an article is relevant in the search results. As a quality of life improvement to help customers determine if the article is useful without having to open it, we have added 'Context Icons'.  The icons will help determine in advance the type of content. eg bug, workflow, workaround, etc.



Image: Context icon indicating the article is primarily about Katana and workflows.



After a successful tour of Asia in September to understand how Foundry Support can improve the customer experience for non-English speaking customers, we listened to customer feedback and committed to localizing our Knowledge Base content. As of today, we have completed phase I of our localization project and published 70 of our top articles, covering, Licensing, Modo, Nuke and Katana, in Chinese for Chinese speaking customers.  Over the next few months, we are committed to translating our content into Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and will continue to make localised content available.


Articles that are available in multiple languages are represented with a context icon of the relevant language flag. Opening the article and clicking the icon, will display the article in the chosen language. As we translate more of our content, we will make this experience more intuitive.



Image: Context icon indicating the article is primarily about Katana and available in Chinese.


Keyword Highlighting

Another quality of life improvement we have added is keyword highlighting to search results. For example, if you search for 'Nuke Rendering' we provide context of where the text appears in the article.



Image: Keyword search highlighting


Article Feedback

To help us improve the quality of our articles, if something doesn't make sense, could be worded better, or just isn't useful, we have introduced a way for you to provide us with feedback. Simply down vote the article and where indicated, provide us with the feedback.


Bug Tracker Improvements

Over the last few months we have added a few tweaks to our public bug tracker. Improvements include, enhanced filtering and column sorting. Key updates to the bug added are now stored as comments, and if you log a bug via Support, you are now automatically subscribed to all future updates, removing the manual step of having to follow the bug yourself.


You can manage your subscriptions to bugs you are following by selecting 'my subscriptions' from the top right menu when you are signed in to the Portal.


Social Media

If you not already following us, you can find us on Twitter (@foundrysupport) and Slack. If you have technical questions we ask that you get in touch with us via email or by creating a support ticket using the links above so its logged and created in our support system.

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