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Q100426: What Are The Limitations Of Mari Non-Commercial


This article details the limitations of Mari Non-Commercial.


Mari Non-Commercial has some license restrictions, meaning that certain functions and outputs within Mari are unavailable in Mari Non-Commercial. There are also a few functional differences between Commercial and Non-Commercial versions of Mari. Here are the most important limitations of using the Non-Commercial version:

  • Export texture resolution size is limited to 4K and 16-bit color per channel.
  • Export formats are limited to exr, .psd, .png, .tga, .jpg and .jpeg.
  • Python scripting is disabled.
  • There is a limit of six UV texture patches per object, but unlimited channels and layers.
  • You can work with a maximum of five objects at once.

For more information regarding Mari Non-Commercial restrictions and functionality, please visit our Non-Commercial FAQ Page


More information about Mari Non-Commercial is available on the Mari Non-Commercial page of the Foundry Website and in the following articles on the Support Portal:


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