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Q100442: Modo UI appears blank


Sometimes, the Modo user interface (UI) will disappear or appear blank after opening the application. This typically occurs in all layouts, and resetting the layout will not fix the issue.


There is a known bug in which closing Modo in certain circumstances can trigger this issue. Often this appears to occur after closing Modo with an unsaved custom layout or a layout added via a plugin.


To view the bug report and subscribe to updates to its status, please consult the following article: TP 363344 - Closing Modo in the paint layout can corrupt the config file



The issue is caused by invalid data that is added to Modo’s master configuration file when Modo is closed. The issue can be fixed by either deleting Modo’s default configuration file, which will then be regenerated when Modo is re-launched, or by replacing it with a configuration file that does not present the issue.


  1. Navigate to the folder containing your master configuration file. This will typically be located in the following paths:

Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\MODO12.1.CFG
OSX: /Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences/com.luxology.modo12.1
Linux: /home/<USER>/.luxology/.modo12.1 (this is a hidden file)

NOTE: The config file is specific to each major Modo version e.g. the Modo 12.1v1 config file is called MODO12.1.CFG


  1. Delete or move the config file to a different directory.
  2. Launch Modo - Your UI should now be restored.


From here, it is recommended to configure any custom layouts, and either export config fragments for these changes to back them up or by copying the entire master configuration file to a backup directory.


NOTE: Modo does not save any UI changes to the master config until it is closed. It is recommended that when backing up the master UI file, you make all of the desired changes, switch to the “Model” Layout, close Modo, then backup the master config file.


If you are still seeing any issues after performing the steps outlined in this article, then please open a Support ticket and let us know the issue you are encountering and the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far.


For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the Q100064: How to raise a support ticket article.



Information on how to export configuration fragments can be found here: Q100182: How to export/backup MODO config fragments


Details on customizing the user layout can be found in the “Customizing your layout” section of the help documentation.


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