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Q100440: Setting Markin/out points for Avid


This Article explains how to set custom mark-in and mark-out points when publishing to Avid Media Composer.



To add or update the mark-In and mark-Out frames in the Flix config you will need to add both the avidMarkInFrame and the avidMarkOutFrame to the localParameters.yml file or the overrides.yml. The in/out duration is based on the difference between the markOutFrame and the markInFrame.

So for example, to set an in/out of 7 seconds you could set the out point to 360 and the in point to 192 (assuming a 24fps show).

Finally, you will need to add the aleMaintainStillsTiming parameter to the localParameters file and set the value to 1.


aleMaintainStillsTiming : '1'

avidMarkInFrame: ‘192’




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