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Q100394: Mari 4.0 crashes when clicking "Launch" on the temporary license warning window


When launching Mari 4.0v1, 4.0v2 or 4.0v3 on Windows and running off a temporary license with less than 15 days left, you will get a warning message stating that you have X amount of days remaining on the license. When you then click on "Launch" to run Mari it will crash.



There are several workarounds to this bug:

Launch Mari in Verbose Mode:
You can launch Mari in Verbose Mode by using the following shortcut:

Start > All Programs > The Foundry > Mari 4.0v1 > Mari 4.0v1 (Verbose Output)

Launch Mari from a Command Prompt:
You can launch Mari from a Command Prompt by running the following command:

C:\Program Files\Mari4.0v3\Bundle\bin\Mari4.0v3.exe

Modifying the default Mari shortcut:
By modifying the Run behaviour of the Mari shortcut, you can avoid the crash:

Right Click on Shortcut > Properties > Run > set 'Normal Window'

Set an environment variable to disable the license expiry warning:
You can prevent Mari (and other Foundry programs) from warning you that a license is due to expire soon by setting the following environment variable


Instructions on how to set an environment variable are available in the following article: Q100015: How To Set Environment Variables


More information on the different ways to launch Mari on Windows is available in the Mari Online Help Guide.

Information on how to disable the disable temporary license warning message by setting the environment variable can be found in the following article: 
Q100029: Temporary license warning

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