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Q100393: What's New in Katana 3.0


This article describes the most notable changes introduced in Katana 3.0, and where to find more information about them. Some of these changes focus on the following areas:

  • The 3Delight renderer, which is now bundled with Katana.
  • A new 3D scene viewer tab
  • Deprecation of some little-used 2D node types, the AttributeScript node and Python-based asset plug-ins



3Delight Renderer

Katana now bundles the 3Delight renderer.

The Katana installer presents 3Delight as an optional component of the Katana installation. For more information on how to install Katana and the 3Delight plug-in, please see the following article: Q100254: Getting started with Katana

3Delight can be used for free in preview and live renders. Disk and batch rendering requires a 3delight_r license to remove watermarks; please contact for further information.

NOTE: Katana continues to support other renderers as before, please see the following articles for more information: 


Hydra-Powered Viewer

A new 3D scene viewer tab has been created. It can be found in the Tabs menu as Viewer (Hydra) and will eventually replace the old OpenSceneGraph-based Viewer tab.

The new viewer is implemented using the Viewer API that was introduced in the Katana 2.6 line, and provides improved performance and interactivity.

Katana's new viewer is powered by Hydra, a rendering architecture that was developed at Pixar Animation Studios as part of the open source Universal Scene Description (USD) project.

Please see the following article to read more about USD in Katana: Q100386: USD Support in Katana 3



  • The following little-used 2D nodes have been hidden from menus in the Node Graph tab: 

    ImageAddMix, ImageAtop, ImageAverage, ImageBlack, ImageDifference, ImageDistort, ImageDivide, ImageExclusion, ImageFrom, ImageGeometric, ImageHypot, ImageMatte, ImageMatteMix, ImageMax, ImageMin, ImageMinus, ImageMix, ImageMultiply, ImageOver, ImagePlus, ImageScreen, ImageUnder, ImageWhite. 

    These node types can still be created through scripting. Nodes in existing projects continue to function as before.

  • The AttributeScript node type has been deprecated, and hidden from node creation menus of Node Graph tabs. AttributeScript nodes in existing Katana projects still work, and AttributeScript nodes can still be created via NodegraphAPI scripting, but for new projects we advise using OpScript nodes and Lua instead. Support for AttributeScript nodes will be removed in a future release.

  • Python-based AssetAPI plug-ins have been deprecated, and support for them will be removed in a future release. Moving forward, for performance and stability reasons, AssetAPI plug-ins should be written in C++.

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