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Q100390: "Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?" message on Mac OS X


This article will explain why many users on Mac OS X will see the following message when launching a Nuke session:



The message appears because Nuke is not currently part of Apple's Developer Program which issues certificates that are paired with the application.

Apple ideally would like all apps in OSX to be signed by the developer, as this signature ensures that the contents of the application haven't been changed. The firewall then verifies this signature as part of its process.

When the signature verification process fails, you will receive this Allow/Deny error message every time you use the program, even if you click Allow on the dialog box and set it in your firewall preferences.

Unfortunately, there are currently some steps in the Apple Developer Program process which conflict with some of the processes Nuke is trying to perform, which has prevented us from including a certificate with our applications. We are working with Apple to try and find a way to address this for a future release.

If you see this message when launching Nuke, simply click Allow and the session should continue as expected. However, the message may appear every time a new Nuke session is launched so you will need to click Allow each time.

NOTE: It also appears that not all Mac OS X machines are affected by this problem, so you may not see this message when launching Nuke, and be able to run as expected.  



We have an existing feature request logged to address this issue under the following reference number:

271769 - Feature - Nuke/Nuke Studio/Hiero certificate for Mac OSX to become a trusted developer on Apples Developer Program

You can search for this number in the release notes of future versions of Nuke, to see if it has been addressed.

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