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Q100451: How to disable the Issue Reporter dialog and write out a crash dump


This article will explain how you can disable the Issue Reporter dialog but also write out a crash dump file. 


Usually, in the event of a crash, Nuke will display the following dialog window:

From this dialog, you can provide more information about the crash you’re experiencing, then the crash report can either be manually saved or uploaded to our servers.

However, if you have machines that are not connected to the internet, which is a common practice in many studios, the crash report upload process will fail. This would makes displaying the Issue Reporter unnecessary, unless you want to save the crash report manually. Even this step can be automated using an environment variable.

To completely disable the display of the Issue Reporter when a crash occurs in Nuke, you can set the following environment variables:





When the NUKE_NO_CRASH_PROMPT environment variable is set to 1, crash reports would normally be submitted automatically without displaying the Issue Reporter dialog.

We have tested this internally with a machine that is not connected to the internet. The results were that crash reports were not sent outside of the network but it disabled the Issue Reporter dialog without displaying any errors.

Now that the Issue Reporter has been disabled, the NUKE_CRASH_HANDLING environment variable will enable the generation of crash dump files and FN_CRASH_DUMP_PATH can be used to specify the path that the crash dumps will be saved to.

Please note that disabling the Issue Reporter means that you are no longer able to write a description for the crash. 

Once the crash file has been generated, it can be sent to us for further investigation when raising a Support request, together with a description of the crash, reproduction steps and any accompanying files to help us investigate. More information on how to raise a support request can be found here: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket



More information about how to set environment variables can be found on the Environment Variables page of our documentation.

For the full list of environment variables that Nuke recognises, including the ones discussed in this article, please refer to the Nuke Environment Variables page of our documentation.

More information about submitting a Crash Report with the Issue Reporter dialog can be found in the following article: Q100046: Nuke/NukeX/NukeStudio/Hiero crash Guidance


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