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Q100434: How to Set Up Scan2Flix with a ScanSnap Scanner


This article explains how to setup Scan2Flix with a ScanSnap scanner. Completing the setup will allow you to scan illustrated panels into Flix in batches. The article assumes that you have the ScanSnap software already installed.


The scanner that was used in this article is the S1100i, but any ScanSnap scanner should work for this.

The first step we need to complete is to change a file path inside the Scan2Flix App. To do this you will need to open Scan2Flix in Automator.

  1. You can find scan2Flix in the following directory: /Applications/Flix_/flixApp/builds/YourBuild/bin/
  2. Once in Automator, you should see the path:
  3. Change the path to point to the file in your current build.
  4. The complete string in Automator should look something like this when correct:
    Applications/Flix/flixApp/builds/flix_web_5.4v1.0089/bin/ "$@"
  5. Save and exit Automator.

Now that we've already set up the Automator portion of Scan2Flix, all you will need to do is add the Scan2Flix app inside the ScanSnap settings.

  1. Press the 'Add or Remove...' button and navigate to flixApp/builds/[YourBuild]/bin and select the 'Scan2Flix' app.
  2. In the Scanning tab inside the 'Image Rotation' menu, choose 'Rotate 90 degrees CCW'
  3. In the File option tab, in the File format menu, choose 'JPEG (*.jpg)'
  4. Optionally, there is the compression tab where you can choose the compression level. The default is set in the middle at 3, I set the slider to the far left, which is the lowest compression and largest file size. The file size never exceeded 900kb for a standard 8.5x11 inch paper.
  5. Now you just need to press Apply at the bottom of the window and start Scanning.

After scanning a page, you should see a window appear with a thumbnail of the image, and a button below that says Finish Scanning. From here you can either continue scanning or press Finish scanning.

All of the panels will be uploaded to the open sequence in Flix once you press the Finish scanning button.

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