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Q100449: How to export a single frame in NukeStudio/Hiero


When using the Timeline Editor to add Soft Effects to a clip (such as Colorspace or Grades), it can be useful to export a single or small frame count to examine if the final export is correct. It can additionally be useful for setting up a Thumbnail for a sequence.

This article details the workflow for exporting single frames within Nuke Studio and Hiero.  



To export a single frame, Nuke Studio and Hiero need to have a frame range defined. To select the frame range without editing the project settings, you can use the Viewer tab's In/Out markers.

Please find below the steps needed to set up this workflow:

1.  Set your Viewer's In/Out markers to the chosen frame:

As displayed in the screenshot below, to set the Viewer's In and Out markers you have to:

- move your Timeline slider to your desired location on the Timeline Editor

- select the In FrameIn.PNG and Out FrameOut.PNG buttons on the Viewer tab, for example to encompass a single frame


This can also be done by using the keyboard shortcuts I = In and O = Out.


2.  Open the Export Dialog within the Timeline Editor

Now that the frame range has been selected, the Timeline can be exported.

To export the Timeline, select the clips and Right click -> Export... or use Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E:


This will open the Export Dialog.


3.  Create an export preset 

Within the Export Dialog, switch the Exporter drop-down box to Export as Sequence:


Once in sequence mode you can use one of the default presets as the template for a custom preset. 

To do this:

- select for example Log10 Cineon DPX 

- duplicate the preset with the button on the top right of the Export Window  duplicatepreset.PNG


You can edit the Export Structure to suit your desired export settings, and rename it for future reference, for example to: Single Frame DPX


4.  Set the export Range to In/Out Points

Using the export preset created above, the single frame can now be exported. Before selecting the Export button, the Range option must be set to In/Out Points:


This will set the export to use the frame range selected earlier when using the Viewer's In and Out markers.

After setting the Range option, press the Export button to export the sequence. Once this happens the Export window will close and the Export Queue tab will open.

NOTE: The exporter may display a file browser asking you to choose your project directory and if so, set up the directory to a desired location. Also, a dialog will appear asking if you would like to save your preset changes:


Select Yes if you want to keep the preset for use in another sequence.  


5.  Review the exported single frame

Once the export is complete, open the drop-down tabs by selecting the magnifying glass MagGlass.PNG in the Export Queue tab.

This will open the folder location of the rendered single frame and allow you to view the result.



If you would like more information on setting In/Out markers, please check our Nuke Online Help documentation here: In/Out markers

More about the Export Dialog layout is covered here: Introduction to the Export Dialog

Exporting sequences and shots in Nuke Studio and Hiero is covered in the Nuke Online help documentation here: Exporting from Nuke Studio

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