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Q100414: CaraVR Error Loading Monitor Out Plugin - Error Code: 127


When launching Nuke with CaraVR installed, sometimes you may encounter Error Code: 127, as shown below:

This article explains what Error Code 127 means, how it affects CaraVR and what you need to do to correct it.


This error message appears when the version release of CaraVR is incompatible with the version release of Nuke. This incompatibility is caused by the Nuke Monitor Out code changing between different releases of Nuke. As CaraVR uses this code to output the image in the Viewer to a VR headset/HMD, new releases of Nuke will require matching updates for CaraVR.  

This means that if you see this error then just the HMD will not work, the rest of CaraVR should behave correctly.


In order for the HMD to work as expected with CaraVR and Nuke, you need to install the correct version of CaraVR for the release of Nuke you are using.

Below is a chart of the version compatibility between CaraVR and Nuke, from CaraVR 1.0v1/Nuke 9.0v7 up to CaraVR 2.0v2/Nuke 11.1v3:


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