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Q100386: USD Support in Katana 3


This article contains information about the current use of USD in Katana, and where to get support for USD-related issues.



Katana's new Viewer is powered by Hydra, a rendering architecture that was developed at Pixar Animation Studios as a key component of the open source Universal Scene Description (USD) project.

Hydra technology is used internally with the Viewer API in the new Viewer (Hydra) tab, available with Katana 3.0.


However, Katana currently doesn’t include tools to work with USD. A plug-in to import USD files into Katana is available as part of the USD repository, found here:

This plug-in is developed and maintained by the USD Pixar team, so to get help with USD or to report issues with using USD nodes in Katana, please get in touch with them directly as per the following guidance:

Foundry endorses USD as an important advancement in the range of open source pipeline tools like Alembic and OpenEXR before it. As we do not currently ship tools with USD support, we cannot provide technical support nor advice about USD usage at this time. Once USD is shipping as part of Foundry tools, we will provide technical support for the USD aspects of our software.


If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please open a support ticket per the information here: Q100064: How to raise a support ticket

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