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Q100433: Foundry Support Launch Twitter And Slack Channels


This article is to announce the Foundry Support Twitter and Slack Channels. 


Support has now launched both a Twitter and Slack Channel, to inform you of new knowledge base articles added to the Support Portal and help you keep up to date with important Support related news.

You can follow the Foundry Support Twitter at @FoundrySupport

You can Subscribe to the Foundry Support Slack Channel here. Once you have subscribed to the channel, it will then appear as #foundrysupportalerts in your Slack channels list.

Please note that both the Support Twitter and Support Slack Channel are Read Only channels. We do not provide Support through either of these channels. If you have any issues with the software, then please create a Support Ticket via the Support Portal. More information on how to create a Support Ticket can be accessed via the following knowledge base article:

Q100064: How to raise a support ticket


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