Q100378: How to disable the Frame Server for Nuke, Nuke Studio and Hiero



This article describes how to disable the Frame Server for Nuke, Nuke Studio and Hiero, and prevent creating additional Nuke processes during launch. 



The Frame Server enables Nuke, Nuke Studio and Hiero to reduce render times by using multiple instances of Nuke to render with, either via additional render processes launched on the local machine or using external machines. When done locally, this allows the application to use more of your system resources which may cause system instability if the Nuke preferences are set to extreme values.

When rendering in Nuke you can use methods other than the Frame Server, however, the Frame Server will be started by default and create additional Nuke processes that will run along with the main Nuke instance. In order to prevent Nuke from creating this additional Nuke process completely, you need to launch Nuke with the --disable-nuke-frameserver flag. Instructions on how to do this on each operating system can be found below: 



Open a Command Prompt window and run the following command:

 "C:\Program Files\Nuke14.0v5\Nuke14.0.exe" --disable-nuke-frameserver

 "C:\Program Files\Nuke14.0v5\Nuke14.0.exe" --studio --disable-nuke-frameserver

 "C:\Program Files\Nuke14.0v5\Nuke14.0.exe" --hiero --disable-nuke-frameserver 



Open a Terminal window from Applications > Utilities and run the following command:

/Applications/Nuke14.0v5/Nuke14.0v5.app/Contents/MacOS/Nuke14.0 --disable-nuke-frameserver

/Applications/Nuke14.0v5/Nuke14.0v5.app/Contents/MacOS/Nuke14.0 --studio --disable-nuke-frameserver

/Applications/Nuke14.0v5/Nuke14.0v5.app/Contents/MacOS/Nuke14.0 --hiero --disable-nuke-frameserver



Open a terminal and run the command:

/usr/local/Nuke14.0v5/Nuke14.0 --disable-nuke-frameserver

/usr/local/Nuke14.0v5/Nuke14.0 --studio --disable-nuke-frameserver

/usr/local/Nuke14.0v5/Nuke14.0 --hiero --disable-nuke-frameserver


NOTE: These instructions are based on having Nuke installed in the default location. If this is not the case then the commands will need to be modified accordingly to run from your custom installation location.


Environment Variable:

As of Nuke 12.2v3, a new environment variable, NUKE_DISABLE_FRAMESERVER, has been added to enable and disable Nuke's Frame Server. Setting a value of 1, disables the Frame Server and 0 enables it.

More information about setting environment variables can be found in our Q100015: How To Set Environment Variables article.



More information about using the Frame Server in Nuke can be found in the Nuke documentation, under the Rendering Using the Frame Server chapter.   

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